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Title: علاقة الإدارة الإلكترونية بأداء مكتب شؤون الطلبة الليبيين في مالزيا
Other Titles: 'alaqah al-idarah al-iliktruniyah bia'da'i maktab shuun al-tolabah al-laibiyyin fi malaysia
Authors: الواعر, مفتاح شعبان معبد
al-wa'ir, Miftah Sha'ban Ma'bad
Keywords: Electronic portfolios in education
Practical Reason
Electronic data processing--Management
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: The study aims to identify the relationship of the application of Electronic Management in the office of Libyan Students' Affairs in Malaysia and to know its impact on the performance of employees from the staff and managers in practice, the importance of this study comes from the importance of application of Electronic Management in general as a process aimed at improving the performance, raise staff efficiency and productivity, increase their awareness, and provide better services to the beneficiaries in the fastest time and with minimal possible effort and cost. This study primarily based on theoretical studies and research papers, articles, reports, magazines, for the purpose of analysis and benefit from them. Secondly, the applied study(practical) included questionnaire that distributed to students, administrators, managers and staff in the office of Libyan Students' Affairs in Malaysia in order to determine their views and experience to overcome the problem of the study. To achieve these goals the researcher have used a questionnaire as a tool to collect data and then distributed to the managers and staff in the office of the Libyan Students' Affairs in Malaysia. The obtained data has been analyzed in the statistical program SPSS through factor analysis and averages, standard deviations, correlation coefficient, variance analysis, and ratios repeatability. The study found that, there was statistically significant relationship between independent variables, namely, ( the technical possibilities - the physical possibilities) and the dependent variable, a (functional performance), that is mean the Electronic Management has a relationship with the performance of Libyan Students' Affairs in Malaysia. While the human potentials have no significant relationship on functional performance because of unavailability of enough human potentials for electronic management.
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