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Title: استخدام السبورة التفاعلية في تعليم الرياضيات من وجهة نظر معلمي محافظة ظفار بسلطنة عمان
Authors: Fahad Musallam Salim Al-Hamar
Keywords: smartboard
learning passion
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: The objective of this study is to identify the use of smartboard in teaching mathematics from the point of the view of teachers in Dhofar Governate of Oman. The study also aims to identify the effect of smatrboard use on teaching mathematics from the points of view post-primary school teachers in Salalah Dhofar Governate of Oman.The study also aims to identify the difficulties faced by mathematics teachers in these schools and their attitudes towards the use of smartboard.(This is a field study conducted on mathematics teachers in post-primary schools in Oman). To achieve these goals,the study the descriptive analytical methods. The sample consisted of 122 respondents.Questionnaire has been used as an instrument to obtain information from the respondents.The finding showed that the difficulty level of using the smartboard was moderate based on a mean score of (3.09). In addition,the lesson planning using smartboard was in higher based on a mean score of (4.11).Teacher’s approaches towards the use of smartboards were at a high level as its mean score is (3.82). Similarly,students’ motivation level and their learning passion towards learning using smartboard were also high,each has mean scores of (3.71) and (3.65).This study showed that there are significant of lesson planning, teachers approaches and students motivation toward smartboard.It was also found that there is no significant of difficulties using the smartboards in teaching and learning process.In addition,there is significant of lesson planning by less experienced teachers and the difficulties among male teachers using smartboard (˂0.05).This study suggest that more smartboards should be provided in all classrooms to enable teachers and students to optimize the use of this technology.All teachers are encouraged to use smartboards as teaching aid to enhance interaction and positive participation of students in teaching and learning process.In addition, technical support should be provided to solve technical problems while using smartboards as well as to train teachers to utilize them effectively in teaching and learning process.
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