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Title: تأثير القيم وتنظيمها, في القيادة وأثرها في أداء العاملين, الولاء القبلي عامل مؤثر, دراسة تحليلية على أعضاء المجالس البلدية , ومجالس الشورى بالبلديات في ليبيا
Authors: Abdalnasr Hassn.S. Amhamed
Keywords: leadership style
organizational values
organizational values
Issue Date: Mar-2019
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This study aims to know the effect of the values the leadership style by and organizational values on the performance of the municipal members and the members of consultation councils in Libya,the tribal loyalty as an influenced factor.This study adopted the qualitative approach to investigate the sample of the study. The random sampling was used in this study (300) participants were used as a sample of the study according.The results of the syudy confirmed that there is a positive significant correlation between the values the leadership style by and organizational values on the performance of the employees as well as to role of the tribal loyalty is asa an effective factor.However,the results support the problem that is addressed in this study.That is,there is an effective relationship of the tribal loyalty as an effective factor on the employees’ performance when the members of the municipal councils and the consultation councils do not apply and aware of the effect of the leadership style by the values and organizational values.This loyalty has an impact on the performance of the municipal council and the councils of consultation in the municipals and has an impact on their relationships. They are still influenced by the tribal environment and values that surrounding the organization, which have a clear impact through the results that the researcher has come up with the results reflex the fanaticism and non-hierarchical tribal blocs within the organization which increase the administrative corruption and the weakness of performance of Libyan organizations. The researcher confirms in this study after the testing the dependent variables that were influenced by the leaderships and human behaviour that it also influenced by the norms and custom and the loyalty in the environment of the tribal community and its impact on the employees performance.This has an impact on the achieving of the objectives and the stability of the administrative organization in the setting and the environment of the tribal community.
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