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Title: أحكام عورة المرأة في آراء المذاهب الأربعة
Other Titles: Ahkam Aurat Al-Mar'ah fi Aro'u Al--Mazahib Al-Arba'ah
Authors: Siti Zailaini Muhammad Zin
سيتي زيلايني محمد زين
Keywords: Muslim women--Conduct of life
Muslim women--Religious life
Costume, (Islamic)
BP188.3.W6 .S57
Issue Date: 15-Apr-2009
Abstract: The writer divided the research into three main chapters, it includes "hukum-hukum aurat" in several situations such as when they were with "ajnabi", "mahram", in front of children and also during their worship. Actually, this research is fully based on the library research. The motive of this research is to clearly understand the problems of "aurah muslimah". The problem of the women in this issue is they do not know their "mahram" exactly and still confuse about it. In this research, it also discuss about the "hukum aurah" during the emergency cases such as during medical treatment in front of a male doctor. It also discusses the concept of "aurah" while giving a testimony as an evidence. Today, a lot of the people are still confusing about " hukum menutup aurat" for young women and for an old women. This problem will be explained in this research and reference will be to the four mazhabs. The writer also suggest the best way to cover the "aurah" properly for muslimah as stated in al-Quran and as- Sunnah.
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