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Title: عجائب القلب
Other Titles: 'Ajaib al-qalb
Authors: Hairdarus Bani Ramli
هيرداروس بني رملي
Keywords: Soul--Islam
Religious life--Islam
tes FPQS 2004 .H357
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This academic project has been discussed about the heart in the sight of miracle and the status of human being where by differentiation with another creature has by Allah. As we known the heart has many function and for example to knows Allah in detail, to close relationship to AIM, to work with sincerity to Allah and effort to know about the secret of this world that created by Allah. Besides that, this is also to understand about the kindness of heart, bad influence and the problem of heart which involved by 'mazmumah' attitude. Then. the author also explained about the role of heart with goods matters, antidote of heart and especially have an own good of heart. The research methodology is a way used by the author in getting the information to complete this academic project. So, the author had been used the references in the library as books, magazines, the jurists view and the logical of thinking for complete this research. Subsequently, the author had found out the weakness of the heart that easy influence by the bad faith through of indecisions in guide a person that advanced of world and leave the hereafter. Lastly this academic project was concluded and elaborated that every person must knows about his own heart and from that, he can knows whose the truly creator of this world.
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