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Title: التفسير بالرأى وموقف العلماء المسلمين منه
Other Titles: Al-Tafsir Bi-Al-Ra'yi Wa-Mawqif Al-'Ulama' Al-Muslimin Minhu
Authors: Fariza Hanum Binti Ya'kub
فاريزا هانوم بنت يعقوب
Keywords: Qur'an--Commentaries--History and criticism
tes FPQS 2003 .F375
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: The purpose of this research is to explain about ' tafsir bi 'rakyi ' and Ulama's view about it . Besides that , it is also to explain about the meaning of ' tafsir bi 'rakyi ' and it's regulations . The meaning of the ' tafir bi 'rakyi ' is ' ijtihad mufasirin ' in tafsir Al- Quran , which its is the main source for it . The methodology, which has used in the research, is libraries method . Through the method , information which is relating with my study . ' Mufassirin ' should every , concerned about language knowledge , ' sarnf ' , balaghah ' , ' qiraat ' , ' usuluddin ' , ' feqah ' , ' qisas ' . ' asbabun nuzul ' and ' nasakh mansukh ' . If they are completed with all of the knowledge, the translator or the 'mufasirin ' can't translate the Quranic with their own views . Therefore the translation of Quranic I very important in our live to understand about the Quranic meaning deeply .
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