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Title: The Study of Islamic Criminal Law Enactment in Selangor
Authors: Fanizan Bin Salimin
Keywords: Criminal law (Islamic law)--Selangor
tes FSU 2003 .F365
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This academic project is study about the Islamic criminal law enactment in Selangor. The study is to identify the enactment of Islamic criminal law and its provision that enforceable for Muslims in Selangor. Many of information are from fieldwork which more focusing to Syariah Court of Shah Alam and Prosecutor Unit of Islamic Religious Department of Selangor (JAIS). The methods are from collecting data and made interviews to some official in its organization. Information also gets from library research which more focusing to Academic of Islamic Studies Library in Malaya University and National Library. As a result for this research, the Syariah Criminal Law Enactment of Selangor No. 9 1395 is as the main law related to Islamic criminal that used in Selangor. And finally, the study concludes that the existing enactment still cannot deter a Muslim to make a crimes especially khalwat, indecent act and gambling had showed the high total compare with other crimes happened in Selangor.
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