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Title: The Role of Jabatan Agama Islam Pahang (JAIP) in Da'wah Activities With Reference to Orang Asli Of Rompin, Pekan And Kuantan
Authors: Asraniza Bt Abd. Razak
Keywords: Da'wah (Islam)--Pahang
tes FKP 2004 .A873
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: The study reveal that the approaches of JAlP in the propagation of Islam with the Orang Asli at Pahang. This studies based on a 'Field Research' to study the progress and achievements of JAIP. Various programmes have been planned by JAIP in order to attract the attention of the Orang Asli to Islam. Besides, the Da'wah Unit of JAIP has to prepare a module about Islam especially for both the Orang Asli Muslim and Non Muslim. Through the implementation of the programmes, the number of orang asli Muslim has increased. Al-Qur'an is used as a reference for the da'i in preaching the mission and vision to the Orang Asli. In this programmes, some methodologies are used, namely observations, interviews and library references. As a conclusion, the d8i have to devout and maintain the good manner in implementing their propagation to Non-Muslim.
Appears in Collections:Fakulti Kepimpinan dan Pengurusan

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