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Title: A Consultation Model for Working with an Underachiever. A Single Case Study
Authors: Sapora Sipon, Dr.
Issue Date: 18-Jan-2010
Publisher: School of Cognitive Sciences and Education, Universiti Utara Malaysia
Abstract: The role of a school counselor includes improving student's study skills. It involves discussion of the place and time to study, study habits and study techniques. Direct tutorial counseling is also used to improve students' grades. It is also said that study skills aimed at improving academic competence should result in higher grades among Students. This paper presents a single case study looking into the effect of a consultation model in dealing with low academic achievement of a student. The process involved in the consultation will also be discussed. Among others are developing hypothesis, consulting the student's teachers, setting up regular meeting time and agreeing upon a contract. Twice-a-week sessions were then scheduled with the student. It was found that afier a month of twice weekly sessions, the student's grades began to improve. In general, this paper attempts to look at the effect of a consultation model working with an underachiever using a single case design study.
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