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Title: عبادة الحج وأثرها في المجتمع
Other Titles: Ibadat al-hajj wa-atharuha fi al-mujtama
Authors: Nurihan Bt Abd Razab
نور يحان بنت عبد الرزاب
Keywords: tes FPQS 2003 .N876
Muslim pilgrims and pilgrimages--Mecca
Islam--Customs and practices
Ibadat, (Islam)
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This research aims to give proper understanding in the concept of hajj according to Islam .It is also revealing people their goodness (hajji) and hoping for Allah's awareness for those who afford but intentionally not going to Mecca for hajji, it is also important for Muslims to acknowledge the obligatory and multi-divisional benefits of hajj to all facts of life whereas it stands as a commandment for Muslim . On the other hand , the importance of seriousness for Muslim on carry out an order that has been made by The Almighty (Allah) via His prophet's Muhammad .This research is based on evidences and proofs from Al-Quran and Sunnah .The method used in this project is known as library research which also include information fro the internet to give new viewpoints and direction on the concept of hajj and it is hoped that this study will benefits its reader and achieved its aim in giving a comprehensive view on hajj.
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