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Title: آداب الخطبة على ضوء القرآن والسنة
Other Titles: Adab al-khutbah 'ala dhu' al-Quran wa-al-sunnah
Authors: Nor Azida Bt Husin
نور اذيدا حسين
Keywords: Betrothal (Islamic law)
tes FPQS 2004 .N6793
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: The engagement is one of the Malay manner and not a strange in our community nowadays. The writer in this study tries to focus the Islamic view towards the manner of engagement and the position of the engagement itself in Islam. In this study, the writer brought up the definition of engaged. The writer also delineates briefly about the manner of engaged in Islam. Besides, discussing the roles of engagement. The writer has used libraries survey as the method of the study because she thinks that the method can help her in doing the study. So that, she has used fiqh books as the source of the study beside the main source existed. Islam will not prohibit any person to tight themselves with engagement relationship as long as it not contrary with what had been prohibited by Islamic rules.
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