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Title: Growth Strategy of Malay Entrepreneurs - Challenges and Opportunities: A Malaysian Case
Authors: Ummi Salwa Ahmad Bustamam
Keywords: Entrepreneurial growth process
Malay entrepreneur
Case study
Issue Date: 26-Jul-2012
Abstract: Entrepreneurship and growth is typically equated with high performance and survival. Moreover, growth is an indication of continued entrepreneurship. Although much has been written about the growth of entrepreneurship, there is no single theory which can adequately explain it. This is due to the heterogeneity among the entrepreneurs. Furthermore, entrepreneur often seen opportunities that non-entrepreneur could not see. Along the entrepreneurial process to business growth, many challenges and obstacles have to be faced by them. Seizing on a case study method, this paper involved in-depth interviews with Malay entrepreneurs to understand how they have successfully grown their business from a small enterprise to larger ones. Based in the dynamic and challenging business environment in Malaysia, the research examines the obstacles and challenges to business growth. This study will contribute significantly to the richness of academic literature in entrepreneurial business growth process. As a result, this study attempts to provide guidance for new Malay entrepreneurs to deliberately plan for their new business as well as for their business growth. Also, this study is essential to provide recommendations for policy makers to foster and encourage entrepreneurship through targeted policy initiatives by understanding about what constitutes an entrepreneur and entrepreneurial activity.
Description: This paper has been presented at the Asian Business & Management Conference, 10th October 2010, in Osaka, Japan.
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