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Title: حقوق المساكين في الإسلام
Other Titles: Huquq al-Masakin fi al-Islam
Authors: Maziyana Bt Manaf
مازيانا بنت مناف
Keywords: Poor--Religious aspects--Islam
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This study is to explain the rights of the poor. In other words, the poor has the certain rights in their life. The poor is someone who tall but does not get sufficient income to support himself and his family. The Holy Quran tells us about the poor and from this, we know the rights of the poor must be protected. The poor has the right in relation to the kifarat. It is about the breach of an oath and when the husband says something to compare his wife with other women who is prohibited to many her. In this study, the writer tries to explain the rights of poor in the division of the bounty of war or ghanimah and fai' beside the right in zakah.
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