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Title: حقوق اليتامى في الإسلام
Other Titles: Huquq al-yatama fi al-Islam
Authors: Maznah Muhammad
مزنه محمد
Keywords: Orphanages--Religious aspects--Islam
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This Academic Project, the writer tries to discuss the right of orphan in Islam. The study would look into the definition and introduction of "right" and "orphan". From this research, the writer knows the verses of al-Quran and al-Hadith about orphan. Through this research, the writer explained the rights of orphan and responsibility of wali and government. The method used for this research is Subject Analysis. Through this approaches, the writer looks into the rights of orphan that they needs. This research finally is able to go deeply into what the rights of orphan in Islam.
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