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Title: Enhancing Islamic Cataloguing System and Cataloguer: An Approach to The Managerial Concept of Human and Material Resources
Authors: Khatijah Othman
Nor Azzah Momin
Keywords: Library--cataloguing--information system--Islamic resources
Issue Date: 11-Mar-2013
Abstract: The study of library sciences, library information system and library management specifically the library cataloguing and classification system are mainly based on Library of Congress Classification (LCC) and Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). However, the evolvement of its' concept and application is mainly dominated by the Western system although there are many disagreement regarding Islamic resources and materials being classified in the context of meaning in Arabic words, its synonymy not to mention others such as Islamic sect, ideology, philosophy, areas of specialization and etc. Our Islamic materials and resources are not properly updated, organized and managed by the Muslims involved in this field. This should have been addressed in the earlier stages, creating a great system which integrate the specialization, the areas of study, vast-information across fields, the systematic development of human resources and etc. This paper highlighted an urgent need to develop Islamic cataloguing system and producing an Islamic cataloguer through establishing standard modules and index for Islamic Library Information System by Muslim world. Simultaneously, the development of a system which is able to monitor the cataloguers performance either through the assessment via 'Key Performance Indicator(KPI) or using more specific method such as a matrix of 'Balance Score Card' (BSC) to ensure the fulfillment of Islamic cataloguers activities and the organizational outcomes from those human activities and behaviors is enhanced. An establishment of linkages between the 'intangible asset 'and 'strategy differentiation ' in creating a system for Islamic cataloguers and in producing efficient and competence library cataloguers is recommended within this framework. It will measure the linkage (using BSC) between goals of the Islamic library and the vision of Islamic cataloguers together with the efficiency in improving Islamic cataloguing system which Islamic libraries should produce.
Appears in Collections:'Ulum Islamiyyah, Vol. 8,June,2012

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