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Title: History of Truth the Truth About God & Religions (4) Islam The Divine Miracle
Authors: Adel Elsaie, Dr.
Keywords: Religions
Christianity and other religions
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: Throughout time immemorial, man has been in search of the truth. The truth, relative to physical phenomena and spiritual experiences, has lead mankind to a winding course. Sometimes, confusion and disorientation of the principles of life, unfortunately, can taint this course. Religion and philosophy are the historical vehicles for the search of truth. While religion presents the Divine aspect of the purpose of life, philosophy is a human attempt to gain a higher intellectual knowledge of oneself, morality and the underlying meaning of life. The current tendency to separate science and religion imposes disgraceful restrictions on science to achieve even more prosperous horizon. This book incorporates theology, natural sciences and philosophy in an attempt to satisfy the eternal quest for the search of the ultimate truth.
ISBN: 9789670393193
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