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Title: Taqsim al-insan fi yaum al-qiyamah min dhaw'i surat al-Waqi'ah
Other Titles: تقسيم الإنسان في يوم القيامة من ضوء سورة الواقعة
Authors: Sizar Bin Hasan
Keywords: Resurrection (Islam)
tes FPQS 2004 .S593
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: According to this academic project, each of tafseer is focusing on stories and incidents before and after doomsday in surah waqiah. The other books described human responsibilities as a vicegerent and stories of doomsday. This academic project has objective that explaining the situations that must be meet for everyone in doomsday. Undoubtly, that argument cannot be denied by anyone because of its logical statement that supported by Qur'an. The writer has referred various books such as The Meaning Of The Glorious Qur'an, The Qur'an In Our Everyday Live and others to fulfill the aims. All of the facts are true due to research methodology books. As a result, on doomsday human are classification to three types. They are as-saabiqun, right and left company. The important of this thesis is can actuate the readers so that committed and practically in life challenge. And then so that the readers got understood until take the benefits through the describing and explanation.
Appears in Collections:Fakulti Pengajian Quran dan Sunnah

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