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Title: Women's Contributions in Da'wah Activities at YADIM
Authors: Roslili Shai Buding
Keywords: Da'wah (Islam)--Women--Social conditions
tes FKP 2004 .R675
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This Academic Project discusses about the contribution of the women in an institute that is responsible to promote da'wah Islamiah. The institute mentioned above is Yayasan Dakwah lslamiah Malaysia (YADIM). This research focuses on women who are involved in da'wah activities. The main objective of this research is to identify the type of activities held by these women da'ie and to know the effects of the activities. Besides that, the respondent's aims to gather the woman da'ies and da'ies as a whole. To collect data, two tools of inquiry have been used - interviews and questionnaire. This study scoop was help in YADIM. For there was research was fifty respondents- YADIM workers and the public. This findings of this research shows that there are many types of activity held at YADIM such as Sukarelawan Al-Falah, Ibu Mithali, Kumpulan Pemikir Wanita, Tunas Remaja, Multimedia, Publishing and Majlis Perunding Wanita Islam Malaysia. The findings also shows that the activities lead to positive effects and implications.
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