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Title: A Transformation Towards Building An Islamic Business Organization: It's Implementation An Good Governance, Good Values And Good Ethics'
Authors: Khatijah Othman
Keywords: Islamic business organization
Islamic principles and values
Islamic quality management
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Series/Report no.: Vol.3, 2013;
Abstract: To implement any new or additional Islamic policy, procedures and or framework in business organization, apart front the corporate leadership consents, the organization itself must be an Islamic organization. In this case, the questions arise would be: How to build an Islamic organization and how to categorize whether the organization is Islamic or not? To answer these questions is akin to finding solutions on how to build an Islamic country. The effort must be done on a continuum momentum albeit a difficult one. However such task is noteworthy, especially in an effort to build an Islamic work place, which also would produce an Islam halal product. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to discuss the understanding of what it takes to establish an Islamic organization. The focus of this study is on the principles of conduct and values that should be embraced in forming an Islamic organization. Thus, the literature review on this topic has been conducted via library research and the understanding is based on the various opinion analyzed from the previous and contemporary Muslim scholars. The finding shows that in building an Islamic organization it is very important to understand and practicing its' Islamic principles of conduct in good governance (GG), good values(GV),and good d ethics (GE)together with Islamic values which already enhanced within Islamic teachings such as truthfulness, trust, sincerity, brotherhood, knowledge, justice, ihsan, and benevolence. To build an Islamic organization is a must and the responsibility lies on each and every Muslim since the existence of Islamic organization would facilitate the implementation of other Islamic policies, procedures and or framework to the workers, all the stakeholders and organization a whole.
ISSN: 22320431
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