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2012Screening of lactic acid bacteria as biocontrol against (Colletotrichum capsici) on chilli BangiEl-Mabrok A.S.W., Hassan Z.; Mokhtar A.M., Hussain K.M.A.; Kahar F.K.S.B.A.
2012Mitigating the implication of offshore oil and gas activities on the marine environment in Malaysia: Some measures through environmental impact assessmentMustafa M., Mukhtar K.A.; Mohd. Hazmi M.R.
2012Social security wealth and early retirement in public pension schemeHaris A., Said R.
2012Physical child abuse: What are the external factors?Noremy M.A., Zulkarnain A.H.,; Kelvin F., Adanan M.J.; Sarah W.M.H.
2012Impact of increasing retirement age on longevity factor: An empirical study for government pensioners in MalaysiaRasheed M.M., Ghazali O.; Norwawi N.M.
2012The Application of Transit Passage Regime in Straits Used for International Navigation: A Study of the Straits of Malacca and SingaporeRusli M.H.M.
2012The effectiveness of gentamicin against acanthamoeba cysts in vitroNoradilah S.A., Mohamed Kamel A.G.,; Anisah N., Noraina A.R.; Yusof S.
2012Moral hazard and the impact of private health insurance on the utilisation of health care in MalaysiaKefeli Z., Jones G.
2012Co-inheritance of compound heterozygous Hb constant spring and a single -α 3.7 gene deletion with heterozygous δβ thalassaemia: A diagnostic challengeAzma R.Z., Othman A.; Azman N., Alauddin H.; Ithnin A., Yusof N.; Razak N.F., Sardi N.H.; Hussin N.H.
2012Using the Rasch Model to validate selection criteria for open source softwareJusoh Y.Y., Chamili K.; Yahaya J.H., Pa N.C.