Title of the document Pihak Perpustakaan sedang dalam proses menaik taraf Sistem eImtiyaz. Oleh itu, kertas soalan peperiksaan masih tidak dapat di akses. Jika terdapat sebarang keperluan/pertanyaan berkaitan akses boleh emelkan ke azlina_othman@usim.edu.my / fatimahbahsir@usim.edu.my.

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eImtiyaz is an institutional repository for Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM).

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  • All USIMians are eligible to register and only the registration with complete full name (as per IDENTITY CARD (IC) or PASSPORT) will be entertained.

This Repository System also aims to preserve the library's collection and maintain document security features and respect the intellectual property rights of a material.


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