Family Problems Faced by Career Woman: A Case Study at Jajahan Machang, Kelantan

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Noor Zahrani Bt Jusoh
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Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
This project paper titled "Family Problems Faced by Career Woman - A Study Case at Jajahan Machang, Kelantan". The purpose of this research is to discover and discuss the common family problems suffered by workingwoman. The methodology of the research is based on field research. The result of the survey has been descriptively enclose and presented through various tables. Amongst the problems identified are; relation between husband and wife, relation with children, household environment and problem with husband's co-operation. The research also finds out the ability of woman to maintain their balance between their tasks at home and office. Other them that, the research also pointed out the factors that laid woman to work. Therefore, the author can make it clearer, the real problems concerned with woman at work. For every problem arise, it must be solved in a very good woman with the family concerned. The careered woman also must know how to divide and spend their valuable time between their task in place and in their household. On the other hand, the husband must tolerate and give their assistant to their wife while she is busy and tired. The couple must survive their household to avoid from it being collapsed. A harmony and good understanding and patience the right into its right place and also a good way of holding the responsibility between them.
Family problems, tes FKP 2004 .N667