Permainan Ting-Ting Minda Meningkatkan Kemahiran Membaca Gabungan Suku Kata Jawi Dan Minat Murid Terhadap Pelajaran Jawi Tahun 2

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Solkifli, Siti Fadzilah Binti
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Universiti Sains Islam malaysia
The purpose of this study is to find out if conducting a game can solve problems for students who are not interested and face difficulties in reading and writing the combination of open syllable and closed syllable for Jawi. Six students from 2 Seroja became the participants of the case study due to their low marks in the Jawi diagnostic test. The study focused on the game method known as “Ting-Ting Minda” or “Mind Hopscotch”. 3 research methods were employed to answer the 3 questions of the study - pre and post tests, interview and observation. The data were analysed through comparison and theme building. Pre and post tests were to compare the participants’ reading and writing skills before and after the game was introduced to them. Meanwhile interview and observation were utilised to elucidate the participants’ interest towards the Jawi subject. The findings show that the game method has brought in the element of fun into the lesson and thus created some balance on their emotion. This situation has made the participants improve on their Jawi reading and writing skills and initiated interest towards the subject.